We are George and Sophia. We grew up in the mountainous villages of Selakano (George) and Krousonas (Sophia), and we learned from our grandparents the value of nature and the truth of the earth.

In Selakano, the largest forest in Crete, I remember as a child we used to cultivate what we ate at home. My grandfather was professionally involved in olive oil since 1930! in 1937 he started his own company and factory with 7 other people!

All this experience and way of life has passed to us this purity and simplicity of life, the high quality in nutrients and the unsurpassed taste, that we want to have it for every day of our lives.

It is also a way that goes beyond the organic farming protocol in which we are certified by the company Iris. We do not fertilize with chemicals, we do not plow - we cultivate many species of plants in the same field at the same time and let nature act on its own. To decide for itself... it knows better than us! The results confirm the above every year!

The same with bees! We learn from them every day about their way of life, about how they work. We do not feed them sugar or any chemicals. Nature has everything they need to live healthy and give us their pure honey!

From us you will have fresh olive oil every year, fresh honey, fresh herbs and whatever else our fields have. It's a way of life! Be well!