Ancient Olive Trees

Under their shadows would rest the ancient Minoans.

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They have felt many conquerors to their trunk, their roots are watered with sweat, tears and blood, they have nourished generations, even many of us. To this day, there are indisputable and living witnesses of our history. They have a lot to tell us. We often pass by them.

The olive tree is IMMORTAL. And if it is cut, and if it burns, it is reborn. New trunks grow on the root, which can be of incalculable age. The largest solid olive trunk that has been identified is located in our area, in Kavousi of the Municipality of Ierapetra, with a perimeter of 22 meters whose age is estimated at 3,200 years! Crete is the only place in the world where there are such a large number and such an old olive tree. From the Minoan and Classical times, the Romans and the Venetians planted or grafted trees are living testimonies of our history. A Cultural Heritage that is in danger!

From 2017 there is the possibility of adopting centuries-old olive trees through KYNSEP "Eptastiktos". In this way the supporting contractor has the opportunity to obtain a personal opinion of one of these trees, to have knowledge of the work being done and, if he so wishes, to get acquainted with the producer. The adoption and naming of the centuries-old olive tree is one year long with the possibility of renewal and is a wonderful and unique gift for anniversaries and celebrations such as baptisms, births, etc.

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