Honey from Selakano

A place where words are not enough to describe its true beauty… The pines give twice a year plenty of thick, deep color honey, full of flavor! Here, in this blessed place, our bees spend most of the year, collecting pollen and nectar from the pines but also from the many herbs that exist! sage, dittany, thrombus, taraxacum, oregano, herring, acid, thorns and so much more.

Strange as it may sound to science, we do not use sugar. We try 90% of the bees in difficult times due to the weather, to feed on fruit or other foods completely natural. The goal is not the quantity, but the quality. The goal is to let nature work on its own and we to learn and enjoy its products. The simpler it sounds, the more difficult it…

Collectible Bottle

The result, however, rewards you with the above!

Pure honey - without sugar, full of aromas and nutrients!