Iera Terra Olive Oil Bottle

Iera Terra Olive Oil Bottle

Iera Terra

Pure olive oil, from Ierapetra, Sarakina, Males, Metaxochori and Krousonas of Crete.

New and age-old olives are grown without chemical fertilizers and sprays without plowing, with a complete management that get carried throughout the year in the field with the help of nature (earthworms) which yields a pure, tasty and full of energy and nutrients product!

Organic cultivation certified by IRIS.

Iera Terra Olive Oil Bottles

The process of grinding the olives is done by cold pressing in a certified oil mill. The olive oil that will come out, stays in a stainless steel tank for 2-3 months and is filtered to enter the containers to reach your home as pure a product as possible!

Also, for the lovers of taste and aromas, we have an unfiltered product, keeping the fruity taste of the fruit unchanged!

Our plots are mostly small, our olive trees are hundreds of years old. Nature producers constantly observe the processes that take place in the field. The goal is to produce quality olive oil and, literally, every bottle bears the stamp of the place and the people who produce it.

Our olive oil is low acidity and rich in polyphenols and antioxidant properties that give it beneficial properties for health…

It has a fruity and slightly spicy taste, it is aromatic and its consumption is recommended both in salads, dressings and for cooking. Available in glass bottles as well as stainless steel metal containers.

Bottle of olive oil with basil

Olive Oil with basil

The basil is grown organically without the use of chemicals and with respect for the environment. To avoid wasting water, we incorporate pieces of natural sea sponges from a local sponge processing plant into the crop. The basil leaves are sorted and cleaned one by one by hand.

The Olive Oil with basil is produced by grinding of the fresh basil leaves with the unripe olive fruit and not by the usual industrial methods of making aromatic olive oil. The result is a rich in texture, nutritious olive oil with the aromas and beneficial ingredients of basil.

Available in 250ml spray bottles.